University Alumni

Successful Managers, Public Figures, Famous Directors, Actors, Journalists and Entrepreneurs

The University is justifiably proud of its alumni, among them:

Talented Managers:

A. Ivanov, Deputy Prosecutor of Sakha Republic (Yakutia);

A. Klimenchenok, Deputy Director of Federal Financial Monitoring Service; 

A. Mayakov, Head of Investigative Committee of Russia in North-Western Federal District;  

D. Kharchenkov, Deputy Attorney General of St. Petersburg;

N. Pasiada, Head of “GlavStroyKompleks”;

S. Degtiar, “TNK-BP” Vice-President;

S. Turcheniuk, Head of Western Office of Judicial Support Department of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;

S. Vasiliev, Head of St. Petersburg College of Lawyers named after F. Plevako;

Judges of St. Petersburg Federal Court: G. Yershova, A. Gavrilenko, A. Prokifieva


Recognized Teachers:

D. Katysheva, SPbUHSS, Professor, Doctors of Sciences;

G. Birzheniuk, SPbUHSS, Professor, Doctors of Sciences;

L. Paseshnikova, SPbUHSS, First Vice-Rector

Leading Sound Engineers:

G. Rarog, St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy;

S. Zaloznyh, “Radio of Russia”;

V. Riabenko, Mariinsky Theatre

Artists and Cultural Workers:

E. Lavrinovich, Director of Big Concert Hall “Oktyabrskiy”;

O. Zhernikova, State Hermitage Research Scientist;

P. Dorohov, President of DanceSport Federation of Russia;

Ya. Katorcha, Filmmaker,Animation Studio “Melnitsa”


Heads of the Performance Groups:

E. Miasishchev,

N. Muhina,

S. Vasiliev,

V. Bandulia. 

V. Matveev,

V. Mihailovskiy,


Famous Actors:

A. Barabash,

E. Slavinskiy,

I. Murtazaeva.

T. Abramova,



A. Demidov, Head of the Committee of Telecommunication and Informatization of Leningrad Region,

A. Perederiy, Project Manager of the Newspaper “Vedomosty”,

E. Pernatskaya, Chief-Editor of the Channel One Shooting Team,

G. Olisashvili, Head of the Chanel One Russia office in the Middle East


Successful Business People:

A. Kupin, Head of Marketing Department in “Wimm Bill Dann”,

A. Vasilenko, Head of Advertising Department in Publishing House “Press-Kurier”,

D. Pronchatov, Vice-CEO of “Rossiya-Airlines”,

E. Poniatin, Vice-Principal of Krasnoyarsk Energy Investment Ltd,

I. Morozov, CEO of Retail Store Chain “Metizy”,

K. Shmidt, Leading Specialist of Investment Company “Troika-Dialogue”,

M. Bazhenov, Vice-President of “Adamant” Company,

M. Zolotarev, Head of the  Direction of Railway Stations of “Russian Railways”,

O. Starikova , Head of Russian Departments of International Company ‘RhudraGlobalExport’ (India, Australia),

V. Fridman, Head of the Company "Mir"