Strategic objectives

The main purpose of the international activity of the University is support in national and international providing of educational programmes and scientific projects:

- Development of academic mobility of students for raising the level of education, speaking practice and a cultural horizon;

- Development of academic mobility of lecturers, postgraduate students and specialists for the educational and scientific research activity, raising the professional level, experience exchange, working out new educational programmes;

- Forming and implementing joint educational programmes and Double Diplomas programmes;

- Forming and implementing joint research, applied and commercial projects for the development of the education and science;

- Organization of conferences, seminars and presentations in the framework of joint activity of the international partners, preparing and publishing scientific, informational, advertising and other editions;

The University collaborates with institutes in many countries; it provides forming of inter-institutional associations, helps in creation of the common informational environment for participants of the international collaboration.

Our purpose is to create for all international students a good environment. Our stuff and students are very socially responsible and understand what they can offer to the international partners.

Now there are more than 400 international students from 11 countries.

We are constantly searching partners for the international collaboration.