May, 5th. An Austrian publishing house East West has published a monograph of Associated Professor of SPbUHSS Yulia Gurova about English language structure.

An Austrian publishing house «East West» has published a monograph of the head of the English Language Department, Associated Professor of SPbUHSS Yulia Gurova “Historical Development of Analytical Methods for Associated Words in English Sentence”.

The monograph is issued in “Literature, language and culture influenced by globalization” series. The publication is devoted to the study of the structure of English sentences and its laws, identification of the main features and specific of using of Old English, Middle English and Early New English periods through diachronic.

The author has attempted to identify effects of changes which fully transformed predicative model of the syntactic structure of the sentence in English language history, namely, ways of expressing semantic predicate in the sentence.

The main material for the study consisted of the texts of old English. The status of English sentence was studied in 163 micro contexts of the poetic masterpieces of 8-12 centuries. The analyzed text corpus consists of about 10.5 thousand lines. The examples given in the article are accompanied by progressive author’s translation to the modern English; it allows representing most visually the English word in the functional context of a sentence.

About the author:

Yulia Ivanovna Gurova – the head of the English Language Department, Associated Professor, Candidate of Philology, member of Saint-Petersburg Council of the young scientists. She works in SPbUHSS since 2008. Awarded Diplomas: the winner of the pedagogy mastership contest in category “The best young teacher of the University” (2010); for effective using innovative and informational technologies in the development of training program “Phonetic Module” (2011); for creation of educational-methodical complex, the course “Fundamentals of the theory of the studied language” (2012).

Yu. Gurova is an author of more than 100 scientific publications.

Publication date: 12 may 2015