May, 18th. In SPbUHSS Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain (2004-2010), Honored Doctor of SPbUHSS Miguel Angel Moratinos gave a lecture in English The World in the Sustainable Development Era.

The lecture was held in the frames of Diplomatic program of the International Likhachev Scientific Conference “Contemporary Global Challenges and National Interests”, implemented under the support of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. It was addressed to students, postgraduates and teachers of SPbUHSS.

Miguel Angel Moratinos Cuyaube is a Spanish diplomat, lawyer and politician. In 2004-2010 was a Minister of Foreign Affairs and International collaboration in Zapatero’s cabinet, member of Spanish Social Labor party. During the period of headship of Spain in EU Miguel A. Moratinos since January, 1st, 2010 served as a Chairman of EU Council.

Miguel A. Moratinos studied legal and political sciences. In 1974-1979 worked as a director on Eastern Europe issues in Foreign Affairs Ministry of Spain. Since 1979 to 1984 he served in Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Yugoslavia, then till 1987 in Morocco. In 1987-1991 Miguel A. Moratinos dealt with Northern Africa issues in Foreign Affairs Ministry of Spain, then worked in the Institute for collaboration with Arab world, since 1993 was head of the Department of foreign policy towards Africa and the Middle East. In 1996 he was appointed as Ambassador to Israel and six months later as a commissioner for peaceful settlement in the Middle East. He worked there to 2003.

In 2004 Miguel A. Moratinos was elected to the Spanish Parliament from Spanish social labor party and was appointed as a Foreign Affairs Minister at the same year. He implemented the withdrawal of Spanish military contingent from Iraq. In 2004 worked under Alliance of civilizations initiative. Mostly thanks to the personal involvement of Miguel A. Moratinos the priorities of the organization work promoting mutual understanding between nations and peoples of different cultures and religions were determined.

Now there are 120 countries – friends of the Alliance, Russia among them. Our country took part in this initiative of UN from the beginning, worked out its own action plan using a unique experience of a harmonic living of different peoples on the territory of one state during several centuries.

Today Miguel A. Moratinos as a Spanish Congress deputy continues his activity in straggle for the consolidation of global community in working out appropriate responds to contemporary challenges.

Miguel A. Moratinos speaks several foreign languages: French, English, Serbian and a little Russian.

His lecture will be issued by the University’s publishing house in series “Favorite Lectures of the University”.

Publication date: 22 may 2015