June, 8th. Students of SPbUHSS have gone for training to the USA by the students program Work&Travel.

Work&Travel is an international students’ program for those who want to spend summer holidays in English-speaking countries, to learn their culture, to improve English language knowledge and to get working experience.

SPbUHSS is involved in this program since 2006. During these years more than 200 students of the University took part in it. 30-40 students go to work in USA each year. There have never been claims to the organizers and this fact enables SPbUHSS to continue this collaboration.

In particular the organizer guarantees to SPbUHSS a stringent check of all suggested workplaces for compliance with mandatory conditions. They also have appointed a special deadline for SPbUHSS students so they could go to the trip after successful passing all academic session exams.

Beneficiaries of the program are students of Russian universities aged from 18 to 25 years. It works during students’ holidays.

Publication date: 10 june 2015