September, 1. Solemn ceremony of awarding the Honorary Doctor title to Mr. Vladislav Tretiak, distinguished sportsman, Olympic champion, was held at SPbUHSS

Honorary Doctors’ institution was created at SPbUHSS in 1993 in order to give students decent waymarks for life and good examples of serving the University’s ideals.

Academician Dmitry Likhachev became the first University’s Honorary Doctor in 1993. Over the next 20 years Prof. Zhores Alferov, Nobel Prize Winner; Prof. Natalya Bekhtereva, Academician, world-famous neurophysiologist; Mr. Andrei Voznesensky, distinguished Russian poet and artist; Mr. Daniel Granin, distinguished Russian writer and public figure; Mr. Eldar Ryazanov distinguished Russian filmmaker; Mr. Mstislav Rostropovich, distinguished musician and orchestra conductor, Russian Peoples’ Artist; Mr. Yuri Temirkanov distinguished orchestra conductor, Russian Peoples’ Artist; Mr. Boris Eifman, world-famous Choreographer, Russian People’s Artist, and other distinguished contemporaries were awarded the Honorary Doctor of SPbUHSS title.

Vladislav Tretiak, Triple Olympic champion, ten-time World champion, nine-time European champion, thirteen-time champion of the USSR became the 23rd Honorary Doctor of the University.

The ceremony of awarding the Honorary Doctor of the University is a very colorful performance, and Academician Dmitry Likhachev participated in the creation of the script.

Mr. Tretiak went to the stage, accompanied by the Rector Zapesotsky and other Honorary Doctors of SPbUHSS: Academician Valery Chereshnev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Science and High Technology, Prof. Michael Bobrov, Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg, legendary sportsman.

The Rector gave a speech about sport, educational and social biography of Vladislav Tretiak and announced the decision of the Academic Council. Students solemnly carried out the mantle, the cap, the diploma and flowers to the stage. Rector put the mantle on the Honorary Doctor of the University with the sounds of the anthem "Gaudeamus".

Guests of the ceremony - the stars of science, art and culture, famous scientists, writers, diplomats, politicians, businessmen and journalists congratulated the Honorary Doctor of SPbUHSS.

Vladislav Tretiak gave a speech in reply. He told that he highly appreciates the honor bestowed on him.

The ceremony ended in the lobby of the Academic Council conference room with the opening of memorial board with the name of the Honorary Doctor Vladislav Tretiak.

Publication date: 7 september 2015