Basic Research Profiles

The scientific research in SPbUHSS is provided by distinguished Russian scientists, recognized by Russian and international scientific society.

Seven scientific research focuses are included in the Register of the key scientific profiles of Saint-Petersburg.

“Working out of a New Scientific Branch in Humanities – Philosophy and Culture of Education”. Supervisor Prof. A. Zapesotsky, Merited Laborer of Russian Science, the academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Academician of European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Doctor of Cultural Studies.

“Art History as a Humanitarian Discipline”. Supervisor Prof. A. Asoyan, Doctor of Philological Sciences.

“Formation and Development of a New Education in the Contemporary Socio-Cultural Reality”. Supervisor Prof. V.Gorshkova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

“Economy and Management in the Service Trade”. Supervisor Prof. M. Motyshina, Doctor of Econoimics.

“State Legal and Civil Legal Relations”. Supervisor Prof. A. Stremoukhov, Doctor of Law Sciences.

“Psychophysiology of a Talented Person”. Supervisor Prof. A.Falaleev, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

“Cross-Cultural Communication in the Contemporary Humanitarian Paradigm”. Supervisor Prof. L.Kharchenkova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

In the frame of general directions the Department for Science and Research publishes a list of grants and every University subdivision can apply and use a possibility of getting a financial support.