Accommodation in the “Student’s House”

Campus is situated on the area of the University. For a year of study it can accommodate 819 students in rooms with various levels of comfort.

Campus is called the “Student’s House”, because of very friendly and cozy climate making students feel like home.

Campus has exceptional conditions for living, studying and leisure.

Security and order in the campus are considered to be ideal.

The advantages of living in the Student’s House:

  • Very secure guarded territory and buildings of University and Student’s House.
  • Indoor pass from the “Student’s House” to University. It allows students not to spend time for dressing outerwear.
  • Comfortable rooms have been recently renewed.
  • Well-equipped kitchen blocks and free laundries.
  • 24-hours reception on each floor, that gives all the information, takes care of calm, order and silence and also provides solvation of household problems.
  • Very cozy places for relax and walk – the Beach and Italian Street.
  • Grocery store.
  • Medical center, pharmacy.
  • Rooms for lessons, WI-FI.
  • Restrain, café and canteen. In the canteen those students who don’t have enough money and can’t kook are able to have free breakfast.
  • Orthodox Chapel in the building of the “Student’s House”.
  • There are prohibited smoking, drinking alcohol in the buildings of University and Campus.
  • Using narcotic drugs is impossible!
  • Student’s Council – is the organization of students living in the “Student’s House”, it defends the rights of the student’s community, helps to realize students projects, gets up actions, supports student’s clubs and art studios.
  • There is the hotel on the territory of the “Student’s House”.