University’s Sports Complex

Our sports complex is the best place for health promotion and relax.

The exercise hall:

  • is equipped with modern sportive facilities;
  • there are high-qualified instructors;
  • is possible to take individual lessons and to get a personal sport programmes.

Aerobics class:

  • power aerobics: lesson for the work of all muscles groups in a hard mode for all levels with an equipment;
  • step-aerobics: lessons includes different step-aerobics techniques using step platform;
  • yoga: one hour lesson for power and grace increasing, psycho-physical balance;
  • Japanese fencing (Kendo): Japanese martial arts based on the proficiency of using Samurai sword;
  • ground gymnastics: lessons for the posture strengthening without hard heart loading;
  • ABS + BUMS: high-effective training for the maximum impact on muscles;
  • soul body dance: dance lesson with various dance styles.

The big sports hall:

  • tennis lessons.

Sportive sections:

During the year of study students can join the sportive sections and take part in all-Russian, municipal and district competitions in different sports: sport aerobics, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, sportive tourism, Ping-Pong, mini football, chess, hockey.

Other facilities of the sports complex:

  • sauna with a small pool;
  • café with a big choice of sports nutrition;
  • massage parlour;
  • manicure and pedicure parlour;
  • beauty parlor;
  • fitness-testing parlour;
  • solarium.