Students life

Students have all the possibilities of useful spending their time in the University after study.

There are a lot of intellectual and art student clubs:

All-University student community Flash-Club realization and extension of skills audiovisual arts.

Choir of students and graduates.

Studio of variety vocal vocal studies for all levels of skill and talent.

Dance Club modern styles of dance.

Saint-Petersburg Parnas Club literary parlour, sessions of poems and prose reading and discussing with tea-drinking.

Eidos Club philosophy discussion club (timely questions of philosophy).

Psychological club.

Themis Club juridical discussion club.

Jurist of the XXI century Club organizes meetings with citys government, deputies, distinguished lawyers.

Journalist club Views journalist sessions in talk-show format concerning nowadays world problems and the targets of modern Mass Media.

Advertising and PR Club -

The University English Club informal meetings with native English-speakers, scientific-practical community concerning cross-cultural communication problems.

European Parlour Club cultural and linguistic topics for those who study German, Spanish, French.

Archeological Club historical study and archeological practice.

Art-Planet Club for young art critics.