Faculty of Arts

The Faculty was founded in 1992. It consists of five Departments:

The faculty provides training in Art History, Directing Multimedia Programmes, Audio Engineering, Drama Stage Directing, Stage and Film Acting, Choreography (folk, ball, modern dances).

Tuition fees

At the Faculty there are 18 Professors, 17 Assistant Professors, 8 Honored Teachers („Peoples Artist of Russia, „Merited Artist of Russia”).

The Departments of the Faculty provide professional training (acting, directing, all of the above) and university education. To place professional skills into a contemporary cultural context, students explore historical roots of theatre as well as study philosophy, literature history, and other humanities. The Art Faculty education makes its graduates all-round persons able to widen their professional horizons ensuring their professional success. Teachers and professors of the Faculty from all over the country and abroad are welcome to come for short courses or master classes to update their teaching skills.