Faculties and Departments

5 Faculties and 18 Departments are involved in the process of realization of educational Programmes.

Faculty of Culture

The oldest faculty of the University, was founded in 1926.

It consists of four Departments:

The faculty provides training Bachelors and Magisters in Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Socio-Cultural Activity, Social Work, Psychology, Linguistics.

Tuition fees

97 Teachers work at the Faculty. Among them there are 25 Professors, 44 Candidate of Sciences, 6 Honored Teachers.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty was founded in 1992. It consists of five Departments:

The faculty provides training in Art History, Directing Multimedia Programmes, Audio Engineering, Drama Stage Directing, Stage and Film Acting, Choreography (folk, ball, modern dances).

Tuition fees

At the Faculty there are 18 Professors, 17 Assistant Professors, 8 Honored Teachers („Peoples Artist of Russia, „Merited Artist of Russia”).

The Departments of the Faculty provide professional training (acting, directing, all of the above) and university education. To place professional skills into a contemporary cultural context, students explore historical roots of theatre as well as study philosophy, literature history, and other humanities. The Art Faculty education makes its graduates all-round persons able to widen their professional horizons ensuring their professional success. Teachers and professors of the Faculty from all over the country and abroad are welcome to come for short courses or master classes to update their teaching skills.

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty was founded in 1989. It includes 4 Departments:

The Faculty trains Bachelors and Magisters in Economics, Management, Applied Information Technologies.

Tuition fees

110 Teachers work at the Faculty. Among them there are 24 Professors, Doctors of Economic Sciences, 60 Assistant Professors, candidates of Economic Sciences. A number of Teachers have been trained at leading European and American Universities and deliver lectures either in Russian or in English. After graduation students can work as specialists of municipal, regional and federal government, private and state enterprises, international corporations, commercial banks, insurance and investment companies, educational institutions, consulting agencies, etc.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty was founded in 1992. It includes 2 Departments:

It trains Bachelors and Magisters in Law Studies (State Law, Civil and Labour Law, Theory of Law and Law Enforcement Activities).

Tuition fees

Experienced Teachers, Honored Lawers and Scientists of the Russian Federation, Full Academics and Corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences contribute much to the education of highly professional lawyers. The educational Programme combines theoretical and practical Courses. The Students practice in law firms; custom and tax service; arbitration, civil and criminal courts, police, administrative government.

Faculty of Conflict Studies

The Faculty was founded in 2008. It includes 3 Departments:

The faculty provides training Bachelors and Magisters in Conflict Studies.

Tuition fees

They specialize in settling disputes, conflicts in social, national, corporative branches, family relations. While studying students master legal, economic, psychological and sociological knowledge; cultural, communicative and research competences; project and consulting technologies. After graduating they can apply the received knowledge, skills and competences in different spheres: administrative management, human resource management, labour legislation observance, trade union movement.