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Modern Transformations of the Russian Society and State. Lecture at Carleton University – EURUS (Ottawa, Canada)

In the lecture given at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) on September 24, 2013, Dr. A. Zapesotsky, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science and rector of the St. Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia) analyzes social and cultural transformations that have occurred over the last 20 years in Russia and other post-Soviet countries. Dr. Zapesotsky discusses the various ways of transition fr om socialism to capitalism realized in Eastern Europe and Russia.
Special emphasis is placed on the experience of China wh  gradual transformations started with the economy, yet the ideology persisted during these transitions. For several decades, such a strategy has created a social layer of entrepreneurs who are the moving force of economic progress today. On the other hand, the Russian national elite made a number of crucial mistakes in the 1990s. They copied western experience blindly without taking into account the national mentality, cultural traditions and history of the country. As a result, Russia again has to define further strategies of development in economy, ideology and culture.
For the general public.

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