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Contemporary Global Challenges and National Interests: the 15th International Likhachov Scientific Conference, May 14–15, 2015

Materials 15th International Likhachov Scientific Conference which took place on May 14–15, 2015 in SPbUHSS according to the Decree of the Russian President V. V. Putin "On perpetuating the memory of Dmitry Sergeyevich Likhachov" are published in the collection.
Representatives more than 30 countries of the world took part in the 15th Conference. Among 64 authors of the collection — outstanding domestic scientists, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences: O. T. Bogomolov, R. S. Grinberg, A. A. Guseinov, A. S. Zapesotsky, G. B. Kleiner, V. A. Lektorsky, A. G. Lisitsyn-Svetlanov, A. D. Nekipelov, V. S. Styopin, V. A. Tishkov, V. A. Chereshnev, etc.; heads of the academic institutes and research centres, representatives of higher educational institutions, media executives, eminent state and public figures, recognized experts in the field of policy, economy, international law, representatives of the creative intellectuals: judge of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation G. A. Hajiyev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation G. M. Gatilov, Russian Ambassador in Great Britain A. V. Yakovenko, First Deputy Director General of the Russian Information Agency "TASS" M. S. Gusman, Vice-president of Federal chamber of lawyers H. M. Reznik, Dean of the Higher school of television of Lomonosov Moscow State University V. T. Tretyakov.
Among foreign authors of the collection — Presidents of the Kyrgyz Republic (1990–2005), the academician A. A. Akayev, the Prime Minister of Pakistan (2004–2007) Sh. Aziz, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance of Poland (1994–1997, 2002–2003), professor G. W. Kolodko, the Minister of Education of Poland (1996–1997) J. Wiatr, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain (2004–2010) M. A. Moratinos; Ambassador of Mexico in the Russian Federation R. Guerrero, Ambassador of Spain in the Russian Federation (2008–2011) J. A. March, Consul General in St. Petersburg M. Faillettaz (Switzerland), member of the House of Lords C. Moynihan (Great Britain), Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Delhi A. Lamba (India), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ghana (2003–2007) N. Akufo-Addo, etc.; journalists, observers, publishers: Yu. S. Goligorsky, M. Papadopoulos (Great Britain), T. Kent, W. Tarpley (USA); members of foreign academies of Sciences: D. Ardakani (Iran), V. Prodanov (Bulgaria), P. P. Tolochko (Ukraine). Professors: A. Bassam (Syria), T. Bauer (Germany), A. Bebler (Slovenia), Sh. Weber (USA), B. Wolf (Germany), J. Galbraith (USA), P. Dutkiewicz (Canada), V. Ingimundarson (Iceland), A. Iravani (USA), H. Köchler (Austria), S. M. Mohaghegh Ahmadabadi (Iran), T. Osang (USA), V. della Sala (Italy), J. Sapir (France), T. Türker (Turkey), M. Fujita (Japan), Junyong Zhang (China), N. El Sheikh (Egypt), etc.
The role of Likhachov Conference is highly appreciated by the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin, noting that "Conference gets more and more wide international resonance, and its agenda is fi lled with signifi cant and topical issues of the present".

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