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Contemporary Global Challenges and National Interests: the 16th International Likhachov Scientific Conference May 19–21, 2016

The proceedings of the Plenary session, Panel discussions and Round Table of 16th International Likhachov Scientific Conference are published in the collection. The Conference took place on May 19–21, 2016 in the St. Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin “On Perpetuating the Memory of D. S. Likhachov”. Representatives of about 30 states took part in 16th Conference.
Among 66 authors of the collection — writer Daniil Granin, outstanding Russian scientists, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Chairman of the Committee on Science and Hi-Tech (the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia) V. А. Chereshnev, S. Yu. Glazyev, А. А. Guseynov, А. S. Zapesotsky, V. L. Kvint, А. B. Kudelin, V. А. Lektorsky, А. G. Lisitsyn-Svetlanov, V. L. Makarov, А. D. Nekipelov, R. I. Nigmatulin, А. V. Smirnov, V. S. Styopin, V. А. Tishkov, and others; top-managers of academic institutions and scientific research centers, representatives of higher educational establishments, mass media managers, well-known state and public figures: Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia М. V. Shmakov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation G. М. Gatilov, Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation G. A. Hajiyev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Development V. N. Pligin, Vice president of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers H. М. Reznik, Director of the RAS Institute of Europe Аl. А. Gromyko, Dean of the Higher School of Television at the Lomonosov Moscow State University V. Т. Tretyakov, Ambassador of Russia to the UK А. V. Yakovenko, and others.
The following people are among the foreign authors of the collection — Duchess of Abercorn (United Kingdom), President of Kirgizia (1990–2005) academician А. А. Akaev, Prime Minister of Pakistan (2004–2007) Sh. Aziz, Princess of Saudi Arabia Basmah bint Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the Russian Federation P. Bülbüloğlu, Minister  of National Education of Poland (1996–1997) J. Wiatr, President of Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) G. Galice, banker Bruno Desgardins (Switzerland), Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of Poland (1994–1997, 2002–2003) Professor G.W. Kolodko, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain (2004–2010) М. А. Moratinos, Ambassador of Spain to the Russian Federation (2008–2011) J. А. March, Lord C. Moynihan (Great Britain), Ambassador of Iran to the Russian Federation М. Sanayee; members of foreign Academies of Sciences: А. N. Danilov (Byelorussia), V. Prodanov (Bulgaria), P. P. Tolochko (Ukraine); Professors: S. R. Ameli (Iran), C. Varga (Hungary), J. Galbraith (USA), P. Dutkiewicz (Canada), V. Ingimundarson (Iceland), H. Köchler (Austria), М. Kukoč (Croatia), N. Mosaffa (Iran), Т. Rockmore (China), V. della Sala (Italy), J. Sapir (France), Т. Türker (Turkey) and others.
The President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin has highly evaluated the role of the Reading saying in his welcoming speech that at the forum, which “has become a really big event and a wonderful tradition in public, spiritual life of the country… the agenda of the meetings always includes the most urgent humanitarian, civilization problems having exceptional importance for the present and the future of Russia”.

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